North American Institute of NeuroTherapy

A State Licensed Vocational School Offering a 

Neurologically-based Method of Effective Mental Training

The Essential Certification for Mindfullness Trainers, Hypnotherapists, and Cognitively-based Counselors 

Teaching Clients A Mind Body Method For Managing Emotion & Health Is Revolutionizing Psychology…
Join That Revolution

Welcome to The North American Institute of NeuroTherapy a state-licensed vocational school training a new breed of therapeutic professionals in a Mind Body method that reflects important changes in psychology…and you don’t need machines.

People are gifted with a brain capable of remembering and learning from a past and of making positive projections toward a future. Unfortunately such a mental gift can become a prison, even a death sentence for humankind when the memories continually trigger fear, anger or guilt. These emotions and their physical signatures are devastating for health. This signature of negative emotion is a process for which people do not have the luxury of time to work through merely intellectually.

Respected physicist and systems theorist, Fritjof Capra, was one of the first to talk of a Paradigm Shift happening in the field of psychology 


In his book, The Turning Point, he explained that major systems of knowledge were evolving. Ways of thinking about the nature of mental processes, specifically emotions, were changing. Years later there is even a clearer scientific case for the fact that therapeutic professionals must offer a new type of help.

Are you offering clients ways of more directly managing the eruption or physiology of emotion? That must happen if healthy therapeutic change is to last.

Train as a NeuroTherapy Specialist. Learn the method that addresses the physiological aspects of the symptoms or limitations over which people seek help. Offer your clients powerful tools for long-term symptom control. 

Here is a short introductory lecture:

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To receive the information mentioned in the lecture about certifying as a NeuroTherapy Specialist please email or Call 206-322-0633