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Responding To Changes In Psychology

Students from a wide range of backgrounds have certified as NeuroTherapy Specialists. In creating NeuroTherapy Training, it was known from the beginning that it was time for change in the methods of psychology. The neurological sciences had clearly shown that we are as we are largely because of the inner working of the brain and body.

Traditional analytical, behavioral and cognitive models of therapy could not, with what was now known, offer people seeking help the complete self-control they desired. There was a physiology of emotion at the basis of undesired emotions and behaviors.

Psychotherapy, today, is too expensive for many people, at least for the number of sessions needed for effectiveness. More powerful tools were needed to see changes happen faster. This method, NeuroTherapy Training, fell within a new emerging set of therapeutic approaches, including mindfullness meditation and biofeedback, but it took them into the future. It was different mental training approach unlike the other methods, it treated emotion as a physiology. an eruption in the brain and body. NeuroTherapy Training was a critically important for anyone facing illness of any kind. Stress and emotion have a devistating effect on  the immune system. But, beyond that, it was a full psychotherapeutic process addressing the very basis of emotions traditionally addressed by therapists

Training A New Breed Of Professional

The time is now, to address another needed change, making psychotherapy more accessible to more people who need help. A NeuroTherapy Specialist is a teacher-coach; a specialist within the field of psychology. The primary role is to put tools into people’s hands making them their own therapists. Over the years  practicing therapists, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, reiki professionals-actually all nature of psychological and medical professionals as well as spiritual practitioners have added this framwork of tools. People from all walks of life  with no background in therapeutic disciplines have also trained in this discipline. These folks desired to start a full or part-time career helping people with this therapeutic framework.

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