Certify in Two Ways

Graduates are Certified in Two Ways

A graduate is certified by this state licensed
vocational school in two ways.

NeuroTherapy Specialist Certification

NeuroTherapy Training is based on the most
modern understanding about the brain/mind
and about how the mind interacts with the
body. It is critical that an effective therapeutic
professional be able to teach people how to
use their mind’s more effectively with tools
that reflect this knowledge. As NeuroTherapy
Specialists students will be able to do that.
Students can be assured that with the
approach they will feel confident, professional
and organized when they begin their work
with clients. They will be very knowledgeable
about the methods other therapists use but
aware they are giving people more effective
and up-to-date training — training that will
give those they see self control over physical,
chemical or mental weaknesses.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification

Prior to the neurological revolution, the term
hypnotherapy was characterized by using a
concentrated state to stimulate change
through analytical, behavioral or cognitive
means (see FAQ). We are in a new era.  NeuroTherapy Training
uses the concentrated state to bring about
desired change through neurological means.
This is very different theoretically and practically
from traditional uses of hypnotherapy. As
it uses a concentrated state as a primary tool,
though, and as many states require formal
registration of individuals practicing in a
psychotherapeutic manner, Clinical Hypnotherapist
certification is not only relevant to
state requirements but helpful to graduates in
enhancing or starting a practice.
Students receive the most modern and
professional training in the use of the
concentrated state of mind. They are very
knowledgeable about traditional uses of the
concentrated state of mind for therapy. They
become the ultimate professional in understanding
and use of the process of mental
training to improve lives.

And more…

As students progress through the modules of
this training, they will be experientially learning
as well. They will be using the tools themselves
in ways that improve their own confidence
and self control.