Module Contents

Each Module below includes two written chapters accompanied by audio material offering extra discussion of chapter information.

Each module is also accompanied by supplementary material that always includes a short answer quiz over materials in each chapter. 

Each module also includes documentation materials for required practice sessions with the mental training techniques.

Most modules will include professional visual resources, and teaching tools, to enhance the training offered by professionals.

Module One:
Historical roots of therapeutic concentration

Therapeutic concentration and theories of the mind

Module Two:
Therapeutic concentration:
Reality and characteristics

Therapeutic concentration:
Stages and benefits

Module Three:

The formal induction:
A formula for analysis

Teaching the mental state:
Some basics

Module Four:
Anatomy of an induction

NeuroTherapy Training:
Therapeutic application

Module Five:
Therapeutic considerations & personal history evaluation.

Therapeutic tools & considerations

Module Six:
Developing Self Control

The psychological process:
Intellect and emotion

Module Seven:
The psychological process:

Physical level symptoms:
Weight Management

Module Eight:
Visualization and tools

Mental level symptoms:

Module Nine:
 SUBVERBAL SHIFTING® Taking psychology into the future

Module Ten:
Mind and disease

Brain dominance:
Therapeutic considerations